Medical Assisting in Wyoming

Wyoming ranks in the lower tier of all the states for medical assistant employment levels. Only 680 medical assistants are employed across the entire state. However, the healthcare industry is expected to grow over the coming years and as a result there will be an increased demand for medical assistants of all types in Wyoming.

The state does not provide definitions of the scope of responsibilities for medical assistants and the minimum education requirement to work as a medical assistant in Wyoming is a high school diploma or GED. Although it is not essential to complete postsecondary training, employers  prefer to hire medical assistants who have completed a accredited certifcate or degree program.

To give yourself a competitive advantage when applying for entry level jobs, it is a good idea to sit a nationally recognized certification exam after your training. Although there is no state requirement in Wyoming to have this credential, many doctors’ offices prefer to hire certified medical assistants.

Salaries for medical assistants in Wyoming are slightly above the nationwide average at $31,260 per year. General, clinical and administrative medical assistants can expect to earn an hourly wage of $15.03. Those that are Certified or Registered are likely to be paid more.

Medical assistants in Wyoming can become members of the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA) at the national level as there is no AAMA affiliated state society or local chapters.

Wyoming Medical Assistant Schools and Programs

Institute of Business and Medical Careers

IBMC offers a choice of a medical assisting degree or diploma program at its Cheyenne campus in Wyoming. Students will be instructed in the multiple skills needed to be a competent entry level medical assistant and will have the opportunity during the last 5 weeks of their training to gain externship experience at a real world healthcare facility.


  • Length: 60 weeks
  • Cost: $22,750
  • Job Placement Rate: 87%


  • Length: 80 weeks
  • Cost: $31,200
  • Job Placement Rate: 82%