Medical Assisting in Louisiana

There are currently 5,950 medical assistants employed in Louisiana, most of which work in the cities of New Orleans and Baton Rouge. There are several schools in the state that run accredited training programs.

In Louisiana, there is no requirement for medical assistants to be Registered or Certified, but in practice RMAs and CMAs are more likely to get the best jobs and be paid a higher salary. The minimum educational requirements are a high school diploma or GED.

Medical assistant wages in Louisiana are similar to the pay in other states in the area, at an average of $12.97 per hour or $26,980 yearly.

Medical assistants in Louisiana can become members of the professional organization American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA) at the national level. There is no AAMA state society or local AAMA chapters in Louisiana.

Louisiana Medical Assistant Schools and Programs

Herzing University

At its New Orleans campus, Herzing University runs a medical assisting degree program and an undergraduate certificate program. Graduates from both programs are elibgible to apply to take the AMT (American Medical Technologists) exam to earn the title of RMA (Registered Medical Assistant). The certificate program prepares students for entry level employment as a medical assistant in a doctor’s office or clinic. On completion of coursework in subjects such as pathophysiology and pharmacology, medical clinical assisting and healthcare systems and operations, in the final semester students are required to undertake an externship. In addition to the courses covered on the certificate program, the degree program includes general education courses, which should enhance the career prospects of graduates.


  • Length: 48 weeks
  • Cost: $19,635
  • Job Placement Rate: 72%


  • Length: 80 weeks
  • Cost: $31,975
  • Job Placement Rate: 88%

Fortis College

Fortis offers a medical assistant training diploma program at its Baton Rouge campus. Students will be trained in the administrative, computer, clinical and patient care skills needed to work in the medical assisting field.


  • Length: 36 weeks
  • Cost: $14,272
  • Job Placement Rate: 70%

Eastern College of Health Vocations

Eastern College of Health Vocations has a flexible class schedule for its medical assistant training program at its New Orleans and Shreveport campuses. The program is ABHES accredited and is taught at morning, afternoon and evening classes. The program can be completed in 10 months, with students attending 4 hours of classes a day, 4 days of the week. Students will be given hands on training to help them develop the competencies needed to perform the multiple tasks required of a medical assistant. Students will also be offered help with preparing their resume and finding a job placement.


  • Length: 10 months
  • Cost: $9,960
  • Job Placement Rate: 93% at New Orleans, 74% at Shreveport