Medical Assisting in Arkansas

In Arkansas medical assisting is an unlicensed healthcare profession. Medical assistants do not need to be certified in order to work in Arkansas, but must meet the minimum level of education of a high school diploma or GED. General, administrative and clinical medical assistants play a crucial role in the smooth functioning of physicians’ offices and other healthcare facilities throughout the state. The demand for medical assistants to work in hospitals, doctors’ offices and other patient care facilities in Arkansas is expected to grow rapidly over the coming years.

The Arkansas State Medical Board has regulations regarding the types of duties medical assistants can perform. In Arkansas there are some duties, such as the administration of anesthesia, that medical assistants are prohibited from performing. Other duties known as delegated medical tasks may only be completed by a medical assistant under the supervision of a physician.

Arkansas is one of the lowest paying states for medical assistants, with average yearly pay of $28,750 or $13.82 hourly. Wages vary a lot by area, from $23,660 or $11.38 in the East Arkansas nonmetropolitan area, to $30.450 or $14.64 in the Little Rock – North Little Rock – Conway nonmetropolitan area. Medical assistants with the highest level of education are more likely to get the best jobs and highest salaries, so it is worth gaining your Registration or Certification credential after completing your training on an accredited program.

The Arkansas Society of Medical Assistants can offer useful advice for students and professional medical assistants in the state. This is the active state society of the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA). There are no local chapters of the AAMA in Arkansas.

Arkansas Medical Assistant Schools and Programs

Blue Cliff College

In Fayetteville, Blue Cliff College offer a clinical medical assisting diploma program. This program includes training in delivering patient care and performing medical office administrative duties. Subjects covered include examining room procedures, medical terminology and clinical techniques. On completion of their studies, students should have the skills and knowledge to work in an entry level clinical medical assisting role.


  • Length: 12 months
  • Cost: $12,985
  • Job Placement Rate: 85%

Cossatot Community College

At its campus in DeQueen, Cossatot Community College provides an Associate of Applied Science in Medical Assisting degree program. Students will receive training in the competencies required to work as a medical assistant. Courses include medical office management, basic human anatomy and physiology, and pharmacology. This program also requires students to complete an internship placement, where they will receive hands on training.


  • Length: 60 credits
  • Cost: $935 per semester
  • Job Placement Rate: 75%

Eastern College of Health Vocations

Eastern College of Health Vocations is a private school in Little Rock that runs a medical assistant diploma program on a flexible schedule through morning, afternoon and evening classes. Students will be required to attend 4 hours of classes a day, for 4 days a week, over the 10 month program.


  • Length: 10 months
  • Cost: $9,960
  • Job Placement Rate: 77%