Medical Assistants Recognition Week 2019

Medical Assistants Recognition Week 2019 (MARWeek) will be celebrated October 21-25. Medical Assistants Recognition Day will take place October 23.

Promoted by the American Association of Medical Assistants (AMMA), MARWeek happens annually every third full week in October and gives employers, colleagues and patients the opportunity to recognize and express gratitude for the contributions to health care that medical assistants make.

During MARWeek employers are encouraged to do something special to show their appreciation of the work medical assistants do. For example, they could display an official MARWeek poster in the office; invite an AAMA representative to speak at an event involving all office staff; or write an article in the office newsletter to highlight the important contributions medical assistants make.

The AAMA has created a signature heart logo with the slogan “Medical Assistants at the heart of health care” which can be downloaded from its website and used to create items to spread the spirit of MARWeek. For instance, medical assistants could print the logo on T-shirts, flyers or bumper stickers to give to colleagues and patients to publicize the contribution of the medical assisting profession.

We are proud supporters of Medical Assistants Recognition Week. We know that medical assistants play an important and versatile role carrying out administrative and clinical procedures to ensure patients receive the best level of health care. We believe this hard work and dedication should be recognized and are pleased to display the MARWeek logo.